The CRT is a supplemental needs trust.

The Purpose of the CRT
The CRT invests and manages funds deposited by individuals or families (sponsors) for the benefit of individuals who have special needs. Each account provides extra and supplemental items for the beneficiaries care, comfort, welfare, education or training without causing loss of government benefits, under current law. Because this irrevocable, discretionary trust provides directly for the needs of an individual, it is NOT a charitable trust; contributions to a CRT account are not tax deductible.

The Beneficiaries
Originally, the CRT was designed to provide services for individuals who were residing in or enrolled in a Camphill center at the time of the opening of an account. However, trustees voted in October, 1993, to consider the application of any individual tangentially involved in Camphill through a past Camphill experience or through their keen interest in Camphill. In such a case, the primary concern of the trustees will be the willingness of the sponsor to support and participate in the "human concerns/advocacy" aspects of the administration of the account.

Protection of Government Benefits
Extensive legal research and court rulings in New York, Minnesota and Pennsylvania (where the trust is situated), as well as a statement by the Social Security Administration, confirm that, under current law, the CRT does not impact government benefits entitlement or level of funding. Further, should laws change in the future, trustees have the power to amend the Trust document in an effort to protect the funds.